These stories were first published in 2005 when CFI was launched.

Happy Means Home

Most mothers have a common trait that bonds them to motherhood: they want the absolute best life has to offer for their children.  At least that’s how Laurie Faulk feels about her son, Don.


All You Need Is Love

Six-month -old, brown-eyed, dark-haired, Emily (not her real name) was found all alone in a hospital in Macon, Georgia, five years ago.


Why Can't They Spend a Little Money to Keep us Together?

Maurice Walker is 19 years old and he has been institutionalized for more than a third of his young life.


He's My Kid

Meet the Jenkins family: Frank, Cindi, and their two daughters, Jené,19, and Jayme, 12. They live in Harlem, GA, with their three cats and two dogs.


He Thought I Gave Him Up

Peggy was only 15 years-old in 1974 when her first baby, Toney Allen Duvall, was born. Her newborn son appeared beautiful and healthy and no one suspected that anything was wrong until they noticed that little Allen didn’t cry when they stuck him with the needles for his blood test.


If I Wasn't Christian's Voice

Christian is a nine-year-old boy who captures the attention of everyone who meets him. Despite his young age and the high number of surgeries he’s been through (89), “Christian loves life so much,” his mom, Terry Langley, says.


Finding the Way Home

Lori is surprised that today, ten years after Georgia’s first child left an institution for life in the community, still more than 150 children live in nursing homes and institutions throughout Georgia.