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See how CFI helps children to explore more opportunities


See how CFI helps children to explore more opportunities

He Thought I Gave Him Up

Peggy was only 15 years-old in 1974 when her first baby, Toney Allen Duvall, was born. Her newborn son appeared beautiful and healthy and no one suspected that anything was wrong until they noticed that little Allen didn’t cry when they stuck him with the needles for...

If I Wasn’t Christian’s Voice

Behind a large drum set, complete with a snare, tom-tom, bass, and cymbals, sits Christian Langley. He’s happily pounding away with his drumsticks making thunderous sounds. He hops up to shake hands and then heads toward his computer in the corner of the playroom....

Video Courtesy of nothomedocumentary.com

What makes a good home for a child?

  • Safe, stable place
  • Loving, committed family
  • Sense of inclusion, belonging
  • Space for privacy, play, learning
  • Children have choices
  • Children have freedom to explore
  • Children are surrounded by opportunities
  • Children receive affection, hugs, kisses
  • Children learn boundaries, values, morals